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Voice On-hold Messaging Dashboard


  • Monitor the health of your phone system from one easy menu, seeing important details related to each unit’s performance

  • Color-coded system makes it simple to recognize if any of your players have issues

  • Notifications and announcements from the dashboard keep you informed about your on-hold messaging network

media library

  • Easily search, sort, tag, and listen to all of your on-hold messaging audio files

  • Upload your own audio recordings MP3 or WAV) and create a truly personalized on-hold experience

  • Working with professional voice talent all over the world, we can help you record the perfect custom message

Voice Vault Example: Female Raw Audio

Voice Vault Example: Male Raw Audio

Professionally Mixed Audio Female

Professionally Mixed Audio Male

voice vault

  • Pick your favorites from thousands of audio files in every genre from jazz to classical, rock to electronic

  • Choose from hundreds of pre-recorded professional voiceover advertisements for financial products

  • Add in basic "Thank You" messages and stay compliant with FDIC and NCUA disclosures


  • Just like our digital signage show builder, the simple drag-and-drop tool lets you quickly build on-hold audio shows with music in one track and messaging in the other

  • Individually control the volume of each audio file or for the track as a whole to get your perfect mix

  • Background music automatically gets quieter when an audio ad begins to play, making your message the star performer

network management

  • Create and manage an unlimited number of user accounts and grant individualized permissions for each one, giving you specific control over how the system is utilized across the various tiers of your organization

  • From hardware details to activity logs, view all details for every hub and channel in your screen network

Codigo's software support team is ready to help


  • Dedicated and knowledgeable support technicians can access your hardware remotely to ensure the most in-depth and accurate troubleshooting available

  • Advanced walk-through help lessons give you step-by-step assistance with our online tool’s essentials and beyond

  • Going further than simply reacting to problems, our system’s self-healing architecture alerts us first as soon an anything goes wrong

on-hold software

GoMicro PC for on-hold messaging system


The basic Voice unit, this small but powerful device is perfect for a simple, affordable on-hold messaging solution.

  • Low-Cost
  • Tiny
  • Windows-Based
  • Simple
  • Hot Swap Warranty
  • High Speed Wifi
  • Bluetooth 4.0
On-Hold Messaging Voice Hardware NUC


As one of our standard DS units, this small box has multiple inputs, allowing it to be used simultaneously for both Digital Signage and On-Hold Messaging.

  • Multi-Input
  • Powerful
  • Small
  • Dual-Channel
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Single Band Wifi
Codigo's On-Hold Messaging can be integrated within your existing phone system

phone system integration

Whatever your system, we can tie into it using a simple audio-in cable to transfer your on-hold shows

  • VOIP
  • Standard Audio Line-in
  • Flexible

on-hold hardware


Announce your big news, provide details on your latest promotion, or boost awareness of a product launch to your captive on-hold audience.

  • Fresh & Timely
  • Advertise & Promote
  • Educate
  • Inform
  • Entertain
Boost Custom experience with Codigo's On-Hold Messaging System

customer experience

Knowing that 9 out of 10 callers prefer to hear voice and music while they’re on hold, maximize this opportunity and improve customer satisfaction by maintaining fresh, relevant messaging for their wait.

  • High-Def Sound
  • Thousands of Music Choices
  • Upload Your Own
  • No Dead Silence
Entertain callers with Infotainment


With the ability to upload your own recordings, the ways you can entertain and inform your on-hold audience is virtually endless-- but we also offer professional voice overs to help you get the message right.

  • Voice-Over Services
  • Custom Scripts
  • Professional Quality
  • Do-It Yourself

on-hold usage

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  • Explore administrative dashboard controls and watch tutorial videos.

"Codigo Voice system has been great, allowing us to create and manage our messaging easily and cohesively."

—Brittany Campbell

VP President/Marketing & Public Relations
Legends Bank