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Use Codigo's interactive kiosk to meet your business's marketing goals

your kiosk goals

  • Build a high-tech experience area to engage retail visitors and let them explore your products and services at their own pace

  • Cut down clutter by replacing brochures and flyers with user-controlled, on-demand printing or allow visitors to email themselves the information they want

  • Wayfinding, queue management, employee directories, customer data collection, event-based online activities... the functions retail kiosks can serve is virtually endless

Custom designed and developed kiosks from Codigo make a big retail impact

custom design

  • Consulting with you to determine your needs, our Creative team works hand-in-hand with each customer to design original, branded micro-site experiences built to accomplish your goals

  • Positioned as eye-catching screensavers, our custom Attractor Loops play while kiosk aren’t in use and urge visitors to begin interacting

  • When your promotions change, your kiosk interface can be quickly redesigned and instantly activated to reflect your new goals

Manage your kiosk interface with Codigo's online software

kiosk management

  • Lock down the kiosk specifically to your custom presentation while white-listing certain domains or URLs to allow your users a broader web-enabled experience

  • Auto sleep and wake feature conserves energy and makes maintenance hassle-free

  • Remotely managed and completely web-based for easy updates

Vinyl wrap on your kiosk really drives home the branding of your retail space

design options

  • Whether you choose an iPad tablet or large-format touchscreen, we offer a wide range of customizations to compliment the location and purpose of your kiosk

  • Add a vinyl wrap or mounted graphic panel to draw attention to your kiosk and give it a branded appeal to fit your retail space

kiosk overview

Freestanding Kiosk Stand for interactive digital kiosk

freestanding kiosks

Available in a variety of styles, these heavy-duty steel stands are sturdy but move-able, allowing you to reposition at will or secure permanently to the floor

  • Secure
  • Independent
  • Easily Branded
  • Eye-Catching
  • Durable
Interactive Kiosk Countertop stand

countertop stand

Perfect for a technology bar, countertop mounts can be placed on any table surface, giving them flexibility for a wide-range of applications

  • Mobile
  • Low-Cost
  • Convenient
  • Scalable
Wall mounted tablet kiosks fit right into your retail environment

wall-mounted kiosks

With a complimentary retail space design, mounting your kiosks to a brand wall can create an attractive look and beckon users to engage

  • Secure
  • Flexible
  • Integrates w/Retail Design
  • Low-Cost
  • Permanent
Many enclosure options for Codigo's tablet kiosk

enclosure options

Tablet enclosures can be customized to block the home button, preventing users from exiting your app, plus administrator access options like hinges, keys, and special screws add simplicity and security

  • Security Options
  • Easy Access
  • Flexibility

kiosk hardware

Marketing with interactive kiosk options


Display your latest promotions, product information, and digital brochures to create an interactive brand experience

  • Promotions
  • Product Info
  • Branding
  • Upsell Customers


Help visitors find their way with interactive maps to guide them throughout the office, campus, hotel, or any large venue

  • Interactive
  • Self Service
  • Engaging
  • Reduce Confusion
case study
Digital Queue management with Codigo's interactive kiosk

queue management

Remove the need to stand in line, and visually inform customers when their turn has come

  • No More Lines
  • Self Service
  • Streamlined
  • Easy-To-Use
Use Codigo's Interactive Kiosk to display your company directory


Help visitors find what or who they are looking for. Send text messages, or email to specific people to let them know you’ve arrived via your Codigo Kiosk

  • Security
  • Easy Communication
  • Private Doorbell
  • Impress Visitors
Create a unique experience with an interactive kiosk in your retail environment


Got a kiosk idea? We can make any kiosk idea, a kiosk reality!

  • Flexibility
  • Highly Skilled
  • Technology Crazed
  • Knowledgeable
case study

kiosk usage

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"Codigo’s iPad kiosk was the solution to help with promoting our new products and services. It will continue to be a part of our marketing objectives and help us to tailor our branches to the evolving needs of our customers."

—Paula Milsted

Marketing Director
Chesapeake Bank