By Shellee Jones, Creative Director

In the not-too-distant past, creating a kiosk interface required a comprehensive knowledge of multiple coding languages and the ability to write web code from scratch. Even the smallest text changes needed a developer’s touch, and may have required a couple days to complete.

Now, Codigo kiosks have entered a new and exciting frontier—the introduction of our online Kiosk Editor! This has revolutionized the way users create and update their kiosk experience. With this new platform, which exists as part of the Codigo online tool, users are able to design and develop interactive kiosk pages that can be deployed to remote tablet kiosks instantly. When the time comes to make updates, the pages can be edited, re-arranged, or customized with ease. And that’s just the beginning!

Features and Benefits

Easy to Create  > The Kiosk Editor combines the powerful tools from our digital signage Content Editor with new interactive capabilities. In addition to all the great editing functions and animation effects, you can easily create buttons and forms without knowing any code. When there is a change, revise the interface and publish the updates to your kiosks in a snap!

Multiple Versions of a Kiosk Interface  > Creating similar-but-different versions of a kiosk presentation is one of the most exciting features to explore! Imagine you’d like to feature a staff photo, unique to each branch, on the main menu… Just Save As to create a different version of the main menu for each location! This also works great for other site-specific information, such as community calendars, unique services at the branch, or local transportation information.

Limited-Time Promotions & Time-Sensitive Announcements > Gone are the days of setting Outlook reminders for sending new kiosk files—With Codigo’s scheduling capabilities, we’re able to automate these updates. Now, we can easily set up short-term pages that will be replaced right on time. Only show that contest form while it’s active, or make sure your system-maintenance message is not up for longer than it needs to be!

Settings Control  > Previously, Codigo has been the gate-keeper for many of the kiosk settings, simply because it required a developer to update the settings code for your kiosk. Now, you have control over the kiosks’ settings, such as sleep schedule, restricted domains, email notifications, and more!

Device Connection Status  > Kiosk interfaces require the use of the internet in order to receive updated content and settings changes. With Codigo kiosks, you can see a full list of your kiosk devices within the system, and confirm that each are currently connected to the internet. This helps immensely with the ability to manage your devices and to troubleshoot any issues.

Expand and Grow  > Once the kiosk presentation is built, it’s easy to add more kiosk devices using the same files. Provide your customers with a consistent user experience at all your locations, with the satisfaction of knowing they can be easily updated.

We’re creating lots of custom kiosk interfaces in our Kiosk Editor, and our customers are excited about the ability to make their own updates and quickly send them to the kiosks. Using our Kiosk Vault of pre-designed templates, you’ll be able to get started faster and build even more impressive kiosk presentations. The possibilities are endless!