Each year, Codigo chooses charitable causes to support, including St Jude’s Children’s hospital and Kaboom park building– this year, we felt that we could lend the messaging power of digital signage to help educate people about the epidemic of homeless veterans and what some passionate organizations like Habitat For Humanity are doing about it.

Kentucky’s Habitat for Humanity has 51 affiliates spread across 59 counties. Leveraging shelter as a catalyst for community transformation, Habitat’s mission is to advance access to adequate affordable housing to those in need. Mobilizing a whopping 5.8 million volunteer hours, the organization has constructed 2938 homes and served around 12,000 people.

Habitat for Humanity was in attendance at this year’s Kentucky State Fair, exhibiting their latest Cargo Container homes, and recruiting volunteers. Below is a snippet from their website, describing these homes in greater detail.

Retrofitting cargo containers to become super energy-efficient homes for residents of Kentucky who earn less than $6,000 – $9,000 annual household income.  This group could include the homeless, disabled Veterans, the elderly, small family units and individual Kentuckians on very low fixed income.

Many of these container homes will be “off grid” and operate solely on solar power with super insulation, thereby enabling those with very low income to maintain their homes.  They will be relieved of economically unsustainable HVAC utility costs.

Codigo was a proud sponsor of Habitat For Humanity’s Cargo Container Home exhibit, at this year’s Kentucky State Fair. Donating a 42″ LG TV along with powerful digital signage content, Codigo used its technology to help spread the word of Habitat’s amazing strides to shelter those in need. Like Habitat, Codigo believes every person deserves a place to call home and welcomed the opportunity to help.

Pictures of Habitat for Humanity’s Container Home Model