When it comes to successfully leveraging digital signage as a marketing tool, one of the biggest challenges is developing the on-screen media. With hardware costs at an all-time low and a broad selection of online management software options, one of the key hurdles for a business looking to implement digital signage is the time and money involved in creating targeted and well-designed content for the digital marketing screens.

How our system works:
We’re proud to say that we’ve essentially eliminated this problem for our customers by providing a subscription-based media system. Our customers all have unlimited access to what we call our “Content Vault”, a repository of customizable designs located inside of our online management software. The Vault contains literally thousands of media templates ranging from simple announcements, to holiday greeting files, to bank product advertisements— and much more. We give our users two options for how to work with these media files:

Download the Project file: The first method is to download the media project file, which gives our customers full control over the ad and allows them to change everything— including colors, images, timing, and structure of the ad itself. This option is more advanced and best suited for marketing people who are comfortable with graphic design tools. However, we also offer video tutorials and personal training on the animation software, helping even novice users excel quickly.

Copy the file as GoMedia: The second option is much more simple and intuitive for the average user, as is exclusive to the Codigo system. It allows customers to choose a media file they like and move it into their personal Media Library with a click of a button. They can then quickly and easily make simple changes, such as adding their logo, adding compliance information, and changing text. This is all done without ever leaving our online software and the graphic content can be pushed to their screens within minutes.

How our customers use our Subscription Media:
We’ve been building our subscription library for the past decade, releasing 10+ completely new media files every month in a variety of formats and aspect ratios. Considering the resources we dedicate each month to providing new media files, we were excited to see that in 2013, our subscription content usage numbers are at an all-time high. In the past year, our customers have used a whopping 8,762 subscription content files. Of those, 2,945 files were downloaded – meaning that those customers chose to edit the project file for complete customization control. That leaves 5,817 media files that were copied over from our Content Vault for quick editing in the user’s personal media library.

To us, these numbers confirm our long-held belief that providing easy-to-use and eye-catching media templates is absolutely critical to any successful digital signage system. Without a subscription model, our customers would be forced to hire graphic designers and animators each time they needed a new announcement or advertisement, which to some customers is simply cost-prohibitive. Without fresh content, the same graphic might run for months on end, reducing the marketing impact of their digital screens.

Our Customers Drive our Content:
Every month, we sit down and come up with a list of media files that we think will be useful for our customers that month. It’s important to us that the time and resources we dedicate to creating these templates is not wasted and that the end result is useful for the majority of our customers. With this in mind, we base our decisions on information and feedback from our customer base. We have two primary ways we go about determining what our customers want:

Direct customer feedback – We encourage feedback from our customers and take it very seriously. If a customer requests a specific product advertisement that seems like it will also be useful for other customers, we’ll go ahead and design a new media template based on their suggestion.

Looking at the numbers – We’re able to see which media files our customers use the most from our Content Vault. This tells us not only what kind of media templates our customers are generally the most interested in displaying on their screen, but also gives us insight into the design style, imagery, and types of animations that our customers are most drawn to. All of this information is gathered each month and we use the data to chart the course of our design direction.

To give you a real look at what our customers have access to, here are our top five most used media files for the past year:

1. Christmas Hours

2. Veterans Day

3. Auto Loan : Highway Scape

4. July 4th: Vintage

5. Online Banking: Check it Out

You’ll notice quite a few are holiday advertisements. This is no surprise to us, since a holiday media file is likely going to be useful for our entire customer base, as opposed to a specific product ad that may only be useful for a certain percentage of our customers. As we move forward, we are continuing to release digital signage subscription media to our Content Vault every month, in addition to developing easier and more advanced options for editing media within our online software. We strongly believe that this subscription model allows our customers to get the most out of their marketing screens by keeping their on-screen media fresh— while keeping the cost minimal.