According to an article written by eMarketer “Video is the fastest-growing digital ad format; eMarketer expects US digital video ad spend to rise by 41.4% this year and by nearly 40% next year as well, when outlays will reach $5.7 billion.”

The article also stated that seventy percent of buy-side US senior executives told the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)  they would likely move TV dollars to digital video in the coming year. An even greater 75% of all US senior executives surveyed said the same, suggesting there is significant excitement around digital video from all corners.

An April 2013 study from Be On, a division of AOL, found that 73% of marketers polled worldwide expected to increase spending on pre-roll ads over the next 12 months. Followed by Social video ads at 53% of respondents, then Promoted Content (41%), and Branded Content (38%). However, what grabbed my attention is amount of marketers polled that are expected in increase spending on Display (37%) and Large Format (34%).

The increasing popularity and effectiveness of video advertising bodes well for digital display networks such as retail digital signage and kiosks. It’s simple common sense, if marketers are going to invest more in the creation and distribution of video content via the web, then why not invest in a system to deliver that same content to the retail space?

The article from eMarketer goes on to say that “Putting dollars to digital video, though, does not have to mean leaving TV behind, and there are increasing opportunities for cross-platform ad campaigns, something marketers seem particularly excited about.” So, in addition to cross-marketing between TV and web,  marketers can also use networked retail digital signage to push the video content to their store fronts, maximizing their investment to develop and distribute video content – TV, Web, and Retail – A marketing trifecta!